Monday, November 19, 2012

   Here are two more pics. The first one is a painted shot of the SWAT statue I did for ARH Studios. I thought it was cool that he put my last name on the flak jacket. hehe
   The second pic is a portrait I sculpted of Sebastian Shaw  as Darth Vader. I had fun with that one.


Sunday, November 18, 2012

I've done quite a few more skateboard sculptures as well. I even managed to land one on a magazine cover!  You can see more here-
This is a female sculpt done in wax. I just wanted to create a nice classical composition.  I need to shoot some more photos.

This is a Batgirl sculpture done in wax, based on an Adam Hughes drawing. I don't sculpt many mainstream comic book characters but I really love the cheesecake/pinup motif with this. This is available as a 1/6 scale unpainted, resin model kit. Email me if interested. Thanks (this copy was painted by Hugh Lee)

 I have a lot of new work to show. First up is a Frank Frazetta tribute. It's not based on a painting of his, just his style.